• Jul 10, 2015
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Inspiration for Organization

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While you’d love a beautiful, clutter-free home, cleaning, organizing, and “neatening up” tend to be last on your to-do list.  Before the clutter piles too high, get inspired to organize your home – one room at a time.  But don’t just get organized, STAY organized.  With these organization hacks and photos, you’ll be able to make and keep your home organized, effective, and beautiful.


kitchen organization

  1. Make every space functional by building shelves into the back of an island in your kitchen.
  2. Create a drink station in your kitchen with wine racks, shelves, and hooks for mugs. Designed by Melissa Davis.
  3. Hide countertop appliances in cabinets where they can be used to declutter your counter. Designed by Dvira Ovadia.
  4. Hang your measuring cups inside cabinets to clear out an entire kitchen drawer. Photo from BeneathMyHeart.net.


kitchen organization

  1. Hide your paper towel rolls with beautiful shelving and accessories. Photo from Buzzfeed.
  2. Organize your toiletries with mason jars. Photo from Makezine.com.
  3. If mason jars aren’t for you, organize your toothbrushes and makeup brushes in a pot or jar with stones. Photo from TheHappyHousewife.com.
  4. Keep your bobby pins all in one place with a magnetic strip attached to the inside of a bathroom drawer. Photo from LifeHacker.com.


kitchen organization</p><p>

  1. If you’ve got a small bedroom and tons of clutter, framing your bed with beautiful shelves and storage boxes is a great option. Woven baskets and accessories dress it up. Photo from BHG.com.
  2. This headboard is so simple to create and perfect for book lovers!

Mud Room

kitchen organization

  1. If you have the space, lockers, shelves, and drawers will help keep your home organized the second someone walks through the door. Designed by Melissa Davis.
  2. Keep your kids organized too with hooks for their coats or backpacks. Photo from ScatterShot.


kitchen organization

  1. Use drawers, shelves, and bulletin boards to keep you focused at home. Designed by Melissa Davis.
  2. Store photos, accessories, and any other clutter in shelves behind you for a personal touch. Designed by Kate Davidson.
  3. Get a charging station to hide cords and wires. Photo from Jamonkey.com

For more organization inspiration, check out our Organization board on Pinterest.

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