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grey patterned carpet in living room

Carpet in Peterborough, ON

Carpet is a fantastic choice for any room in your home. A floor that's warm, comforting, and quiet, modern carpet is easy to maintain and eclectic in its styles. Updated floor manufacturing technologies have increased carpet's softness, strength, and stain resistance.


At Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home of Peterborough, ON, we're proud to be the region's destination for better carpet options. Our showroom is brimming with beautiful carpet in all the best flooring brands.


If you're considering new residential or commercial carpet, here are things to keep in mind.




Best Types of Carpet

There are a number of types of carpet available today, based on how the fibres are attached to the carpet backing.


The five primary carpet styles are level loop, pattern, frieze, plush, and textured. Each varies in the way the fibres are attached, but there are also a variety of carpet fibres. Certain carpets have synthetic fibres, while others have natural fibres like wool.


  • Nylon is a sturdy fibre that’s synthetic and stain resistant. It’s very popular for busy homes. Fibres need to be pretreated for ultimate durability.
  • Polyester looks and feels like nylon but is more inexpensive. Premium polyester carpet is tough on wear and stains.
  • Olefin carpet fibres resist fading and will hold on to their colours.  It tends to be less wear-resistant than other options.
  • Triexta is a newer synthetic fibre that’s armed with built-in stain-resistant properties.
  • Wool is the most popular natural fibre and is eco-friendly. Wool carpet is flame resistant so it’s marvellous for a nursery.


Understanding Your Carpet’s Construction

You’ll find high, medium, and low carpet piles in our local flooring store.


Some of our favourite cozy carpets are shag and frieze carpets, with their warm, deep piles meant to comfort on a chilly winter night.


We also offer cut piles, loop piles, and cut loop constructions.


  • Cut pile means your fibres are sheered at the top.
  • Loop pile means your fibres are rewoven into the backing.
  • Cut loop carpets means fibres are both cut pile and loop pile to form lovely patterns.


What Are the Benefits of Carpet?

Carpet boasts many benefits to enjoy a home or in your office.


Winter can certainly be rough around these parts, but a lush carpet will help you stay warm on chilly days, while also cutting down on your utility costs.


Modern innovation has given us new carpet selections that resist stains and moisture. While carpet was once off-limits for pet lovers, parents of toddlers, or owners of bustling businesses, today it a smart choice for a myriad of settings.


Where Can I Install Carpet?

Durable, colourful carpet is a wonderful addition to nearly any room.

Although carpet remains a poor choice for kitchens and bathrooms, it’s a smart flooring for spaces like:

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Home Offices
  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • Playrooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Dens
  • Finished Basement
  • Retail Stores
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Rental Units


Should I Install My Own Carpet?

Short answer: NO, do not attempt to do this!


Carpet installation is a tricky process that takes MANY hours of hard work. It requires a perfectly level and clean subfloor, perfect measurements, and specialty tools that the average homeowner doesn’t have handy.


When you choose professional carpet installation, you’re ensuring the best future for you home or business. Our experts have many decades of industry experience and are well versed in how each carpet functions.


Choose professional installation for your next residential or commercial carpet purchase, and rest knowing your product warranty will protect you in the coming years.


Shop for Carpet Near You in Peterborough, Ontario


Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home is your destination for the finest carpet options in the region. We are proud to be members of the continent’s largest independent flooring cooperative. That means we’re locally owned and operated: always have been and always will be!


We're proud to serve the carpet needs of clients throughout Lindsay, Fenlon Falls, Omemee, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Millbrook, Cavan, Pony Pool, Haliburton, Minden, Bancroft, Norwood, Buckhorn, Keene, Bobcaygeon, Cobourg, Haliburton, and Bancroft-Hartcourt.


Please visit us soon at 701 The Queensway in Peterborough, ON, to learn more about our carpet collection or browse our carpet online at your convenience.

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